The wog enters King Neptune’s realm.

Have you ever played upright bass while standing on a man who is reclining on a bed of nails? Jimmy has. Have you ever been the go-go dancer for a surf band? Lola has. Have you ever put a dog collar on your executive naval officer and told him to bark like a dog? Jimmy has. Have you ever produced a film premiere for an underground horror grindhouse filmmaker? Lola has.

Jimmy and Lola have also created a rockin’ happy space called the Smoking Monkey Tiki Lounge at their home in Las Vegas. Jimmy mixed up a Fink Bomb (a Frankie’s Tiki Room cocktail) served in McBiff’s Sin City glass as we talked about their journey from collecting vintage to surf bands to a full home bar. The Smoking Monkey is filled with Tikis from multiple countries, a short wave radio from Jimmy’s dad, a barometer from Lola’s dad, Jimmy’s navy certificate from crossing the dateline, smoking monkeys (of course), and a great collection of mugs. Jimmy and Lola were kids in the 70s and the influence of music and mid-century design is evident in their stunning home and their Tiki lounge.

Read the rest of the story in Polynesiacs: Tiki at Home, page 129.

Smoking Monkey Tiki Lounge, Las Vegas, Nevada

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