Donald was a good man.

When Aaron told me that his dad, Donald, loved The Big Lebowski, I couldn’t help but re-envision the final eulogy scene with Dad in the role. “Donald was a good father, and a good man. He was one of us. He was a man who loved Martin Denny and his family, and as a surfer …

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Yojo is still smiling.

Each day, I find more vessels filled with water. My collection of string art ships peers down at me while I pour one more cup of water down the drain. It seems all too natural a process now, one week after the waters came pouring down through the rafters above. In my past musings on …

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Do you like piña aloha?

I suspect that Kimo the Pineapple Mermaid, Sandy the Face of Exotica, and Rosie the Riveter would have been best friends forever if they’d lived in the same time period. Rosie the Riveter, with her red and white polka-dot scarf and navy blue shirt bicep curl, symbolized the ingenuity and strength of women. Rosie got …

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I’m sorry, Mr. President.

Trader Dazz’s tale reads like a drugstore romance but offers your soul a taste of respite and a wager for redemption. Welcome weary traveler. Your journey must have been long and emotionally exhausting. You see, for you to arrive here, there must be some dark stormy story that you’re trying to escape. That’s the only …

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He’s the keeper of the flame.

Polynesiacs keep tiki history alive. Ron and Mickee’s Rincon Room is a perfect example. When Ron designed and built the Rincon Room, named after the close-by and quite famous surf break mentioned in The Beach Boys’ Surfing USA, he turned to local tiki history for inspiration. Oxnard’s 1964 Trade Winds restaurant was classic tiki. The …

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