It runs in his blood.

Buddy’s great great grandpappy was a nefarious pirate, a total bad guy.

Well, ok, maybe not. To be honest, Buddy is not sure. He likes to make up odious stories to add some dark overtones to the old, torn picture of his great great grandfather, which is now prominently hung at the Orr Oasis, his and Jennifer’s home bar in Las Vegas.

The old photograph of great great grandpappy was nearly destroyed. When Buddy’s father passed, he displayed the portrait on the wall of his tattoo shop. Buddy liked the frame, but planned to rip out the picture. A week or so before he planned the rehab, Buddy was tattooing one his family members who casually mentioned that the portrait was Buddy’s distant grandfather. With that revelation, Buddy changed course, restored the picture, and brought it back home. Now the photograph gives him the liberty to spin captivating yarns in his dark oasis.

Read the rest of the story in Polynesiacs: Tiki at Home, page 48.

Orr Oasis, Las Vegas, Nevada

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