The light is on.

And Brian said, let there be a tiki bar.

And Brian divided the rum from the beer. He called his dad over, and in three days, the Barloney Tiki Lounge was created. And Brian and his neighbors saw what he had made, and behold, it is good.

Brian’s wife didn’t even know that he was building a tiki bar over a long weekend until she and the kids returned from the weekend trip. When she left, it was an outdoor beer and poker bar. When she returned, it was a full-fledged tiki bar. Brian’s dad painted beautiful murals on the walls and was himself a carver of tiki back in the 80s. Brian created shelving, made lamps, and stocked the space with flotsam from his life. He built everything in his bar from what he calls “garbage.” The result is beachcomber at its finest.

Read the rest of the story in Polynesiacs: Tiki at Home, page 328.

The Barloney Tiki Lounge, Roswell, Georgia

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