I’m a weird, eccentric woman-fish.

Lori Glenn is a collector – a designer – a thrifter. Yet, Lori is perhaps most well-known among polynesiacs for being the eccentric ZsaZsaRumWhore, the mystery dancer extraordinaire at Ohana Luau by the Lake.

Lori’s mystery bowl dances are legendary. When the Fraternal Order of Moai (FOM) holds an annual tiki weekender at Lake George each year, ZsaZsaRumWhore’s appearance is much anticipated. She’s secured a reputation for generating some of the highest single bids for FOM’s premiere charity event. How? Most dancers choose a traditional hula or exotica dance similar to the ones performed at the Mai Kai. Not Lori. Given her experience as an emcee for burlesque shows, she knows how to up the ante.

Read the rest of the story in Polynesiacs: Tiki at Home, page 108.

Zsazsa’s, Durham, North Carolina

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