Call me Ahab.

The process of creating Queegueg’s Coffin, my home Tiki bar – my special island, is a never-ending process, as is the case with many other tiki enthusiasts.

This week I purchased a new wide-angle lens, so I thought it was time to update the images for my home bar, especially as I prepare to embark on my journey across the states to visit with other “passionfruit people.”

My most recent additions include home sewn (I made them) sails anchored with sisal ropes tied with nautical knots as a nod to the whaling ships that the harpooner Queequeg was on in Moby Dick. I’ve also added additional Hue lighting to the bar and Tiki mug shelves that allows for constantly changing tropical sunset colors. I’ve added mirrored port holes and additional black velvet paintings. These are all along with my existing huge tiki from Tiki Rancher and my aqua neon “TOM” (old letters from a vintage motel sign) that Les had restored for me. The bar is not done by any means. Les has helped me brainstorm ideas for adding a coffin element that is artistic (not morbid since the iconic reference is one of saving one’s life in the book) and provides an equal reference to the tattoos that covered Queequeg’s body.

I hope to work on those when I return from the trip this summer.

Call me Ahab?

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