Curiosity thrills the cat.

Kuku Canukoo – aka Chuck – has a insatiable curiosity for creating cocktails. We were not alone when Chuck and I sat down to talk in the Tangaroa Tavern. Jojo and Lulu, Chuck’s sweet sister kitties, looked on with that unmistakable mix of curiosity and disdainthat only cats have perfected. Chuck had recently built his …

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And you will note, there’s a lump in my throat.

Although the Mona ‘Roa Lanai is intended to translate to House on Monroe, you’d easily think it truly means – lanai built from love. When The Tiki Men – Pat and Dwayne – first met, each had a substantial collection of tiki artifacts, including authentic Polynesian art, headhunter paraphernalia, Magic Kingdom memorabilia, and nautical knick-knacks. …

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The light is on.

And Brian said, let there be a tiki bar. And Brian divided the rum from the beer. He called his dad over, and in three days, the Barloney Tiki Lounge was created. And Brian and his neighbors saw what he had made, and behold, it is good. Brian’s wife didn’t even know that he was …

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Call me Ahab.

The process of creating Queegueg’s Coffin, my home Tiki bar – my special island, is a never-ending process, as is the case with many other tiki enthusiasts. This week I purchased a new wide-angle lens, so I thought it was time to update the images for my home bar, especially as I prepare to embark …

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