Lady luck smiles on the nomad.

Todd is a nomad and one of Lady Luck’s favorites.

Todd hit the jackpot during a Tiki crawl raffle a few years back. He’d bought several tickets in hopes of upping his odds for some top-notch Tiki loot. The organizers pulled the first ticket, and Todd was a winner. Huzzah! The second prize was also Todd’s. Huzzah! The organizers kept pulling a ticket and calling out a new number. Each time it was one of Todd’s tickets.
Two or three prizes? Sure. No one would question those odds. They’d say it was just a fun coincidence. But when the sixth, seventh, and eighth prizes were all Todd’s, the crowd
got a little edgy. The odds of winning that many times were astronomical. The drawing wasn’t rigged, so how could Todd be this fortunate?

Read the rest of the story in Polynesiacs: Tiki at Home, page 246.

Hidden Tiki, Escondido, California

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