Kali Ma! Kali Ma!

When you hear the “Kali Ma!“ at The Headhunter, be prepared. You may feel compelled to go shirtless and drink from a skull bowl.

Kali will urge you on. You’ll hear her voice telling you to give in. Shed your shirt. Drink from the cup. Everyone can join in if they wish. The goddess of time, death, and change doesn’t
care if you’re straight, gay, bi, or questioning. She doesn’t care if you’re non-binary, cis-gender, or transgender. She just demands bare skin from the waist up. At least, that’s what Jonny and Ilze have been told. It’s their home bar, but they didn’t devise the ritual.

Read the rest of the story in Polynesiacs: Tiki at Home, page 96.

The Headhunter, San Diego, California

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