‘Til tiki do us drop.

In sickness and health, to love and cherish, ’til Tiki do us drop.

I could swear that phrase might have been an alternate wedding vow for Heather and Don Waters. In the past two years, they have completely built three (yes, I said three) home Tiki bars and a Tiki bedroom in their 1970s house in Happy Valley, Oregon. I had lucked into a three-for-one. The Uncharted Waters, the Backside of Waters, and the Hula Hideaway can be visited by simply moving from one part of their house to the next. Together with the tiki bedroom, they form the Waters House of Tiki. Even more impressive than the short time frame involved in creating three elaborate and layered spaces, the work was accomplished in moments of sickness and in health.

Read the rest of the story in Polynesiacs: Tiki at Home, page 182.

Waters House of Tiki, Happy Valley, Oregon

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