We offer a smoke-free enchantment.

When JoAnna and Robert welcomed the Hawaiian Goddess Hi’iaka into their home, she reeked of cigarette smoke.

According to Hawaiian tradition, Hi’iaka’s family line is tasked with bearing the clouds, but I’m doubtful those clouds were supposed to be ones of cigarette smoke. JoAnna and Robert took her home and did their best. This beautiful carving of Hi’iaka had apparently had a hard life in a smokey dive bar in South Carolina. They started by giving her space to air out for a few days. Then, she spent a week with an air purifier isolated in a room. Still, the smoke was overpowering. Next, they drenched her in Febreeze (I suspect it was the “Hawaiian Aloha” scent), and finally, Hi’iaka was ready to assume reign over the Enchanted Honu Tiki Lounge, JoAnna and Robert’s amazing home bar in Charlotte, NC.

Read the rest of the story in Polynesiacs: Tiki at Home, page 144.

Enchanted Honu Tiki Lounge, Mint Hill, North Carolina

3 thoughts on “We offer a smoke-free enchantment.”

    1. Mahalo! It’s in the works … it’s my first blog post on here … “Call me Ahab.” Those are pics of my loft/home tiki bar in Durham as of last May. There’s more now. 🙂

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