Shake me up some google-fu and B-52s.

Hey, you know what I’d really like to do?
Say wha’?
I feel like makin’ a bar.
Ooh wah what kind of bar do you want?
Umm, how about … pineapple upside-down bar?
Maybe a swanky adult only nudie bar.
Wah, sounds good. Nothin’ like a adult beverage bar.
Ooh, how about an Faye’s Tiki Lounge bar?
Umm, some cinnamon?
Yea, sure.
Yea, uh huh. I swear.
You got a room the right size?
A room?
It says in Sven’s book it takes a long time for it to shake.
I read that. Now, beware.
Let’s get this thing in the google-fu.

Blame it on the B-52s. Jason and Angela loved their music. They loved the group’s kitsch. Jason even stole a B-52 cassette from the dollar bin when he was a teenager. They dressed up as Fred and Kate for Halloween a few years later. Angie would rock a one-piece onesie and tease up her hair into a beehive hairdo. It wasn’t long before they were headin’ down the tiki highway, lookin’ for a love getaway. First, it was vintage trailers and hot rods. Next, it was a trip to Viva Las Vegas to do some rockin’ on the roulette wheel. Then there were a few strong concoctions at Frankie’s Tiki Room. Take a little, take a little nip, take a little sip, take a little more. Next thing you know, and Jason and Angela are getting gobsmacked by MeduSirena, Sven, and Swanky at the Mai Kai’s sixtieth anniversary party.

Read the rest of the story in Polynesiacs: Tiki at Home, page 340.

Faye’s Tiki Lounge, Livonia, Michigan

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